That moment you find out you are going to be a parent for the first time.

The love, joy, excitement, responsibility and then… the realisation, you know absolutely nothing about being an actual parent.

This was our inspiration when we created the Baby Brains magazine on Flipboard. What started as a private magazine on our phones to save informative and practical parenting articles to read later, has grown into an open resource and community.

Flipboard has been our home since 2013, a curated collection of over 10,000 articles from around the world which has attracted over 25,000 subscribers. The popularity of our curated content has also been welcomed by parents on Facebook which now has a growing community over 10,000.

Inspired by the support of our community, the sources and authors from which we have curated, it seemed natural to have our own platform and here we are.

We believe that every parent can help another by telling their story, sharing an experience or simply listening.

BabyBrains.co.uk is a digital publication where parents share their joy, struggles, laughter and tears. We believe that every parent can help another, telling their story, sharing an experience or simply listening.

We showcase and introduce practical, relatable, parenting perspectives, stories and unique experiences, written of course by… parents.

We have a small team of in-house editors and a growing team of external contributors, all parents with diverse backgrounds, experiences and well versed in the day to day challenges and joys of parenthood.

You are about to start an incredible life-changing journey, we hope we can be part of it and provide some answers, laughter and support along the way.