Our Top 7 Toddler Travel Tips

Are you planning to take your toddler on a trip with you on a beautiful beach escape, the mountainous and scenic countryside, or the crisp and wintery alps? Are you also dreading the cries, chaos, and confusion that come with journeying with your child? Well, dread no more. There are a few fool-proof ways to make your trip comfortable and thrilling.

Have A Smooth Ride When Travelling With Your Toddler With These Easy Tips

Travelling with a child is exciting, potentially frustrating trying to cope with the yelling, runways and turbulence. To avoid these issues though, try following these few tips to help make your trip comfortable.

1.Book A Seat With A Child Safety Restraint

If you are planning to travel by plane, book a seat that has a bassinet connection if possible. During the pre-boarding phase, have one adult board in advance with the toddler’s car seat, then de-board and wait until it is closer to take-off time. You can spend the extra minutes enjoying the beautiful people and scenes at the airport. It also allows your child not to stay too long onboard. If you are travelling by car, carry a functional car seat that will make him snug and safe. According to, convertible car seats offer your child convenience, safety, and comfort as you travel thus keeping him calm all through the trip.

2. Pack Some Non-Perishable Food And Drinks

Whether you are travelling by plane or car, having something they can eat or drink goes a long way in giving you an easy time on your trip. Also, keep your toddler hydrated since the atmospheric pressure in the air when on a plane can make him dry. You can also bring something that they can suck on maybe a bottle, sippy cup or pacifier to help relieve the pressure.

3. Bring Some Wrapped Treats, Toys Or Games

Wrap up some small and soft toys for your toddler, so that they can take time in opening them, thus keeping them occupied. An infant, when presented with a wrapped item, industriously focuses on unwrapping whatever is in the surprise package, an activity that can be very exciting for him. Put these treats in your bag until he gets upset or cranky, and then you can offer him the gifts to distract him and peak his interest.

4. Do Not Take Trips That Tend to Be Longer Than Six Hours

It is unhealthy for you and your child to sit in one spot for more than six hours. If you are driving, make a few stops along the way that are secure, public, and enable you to walk around. Do some research and plan well. Plot out some well-lit rest stops, restaurants, or shopping malls along your route. Doing so allows you to get out of your car, and so your toddler does not get confined to one seated position for hours. If you are likely to be walking a lot and sightseeing, you’ll probably also need to pack a lightweight stroller to transport your child.

5. Involve Your Kid With Some Music and Games

When you are driving, keep her interested in some music and games. You can have a carpool moment, tell stories using songs, and play games. The goal is keeping her interested. When you need her to calm down and be peaceful, try playing classical music.

6. Charge Your Phone and Other Technological Devices Before the Trip

Prepare ahead of time and pack fully charge tablets, phones, and a portable charger just in case the batteries run low in the course of your trip.

7. Schedule Trips That Coincide With Her Sleep Time

As soon as you board the plane or alight the car, get your child into her/his pyjamas, soothe him/her with a lullaby and cross your fingers that he/she ends up sleeping.

It is never that serious, and no challenge lacks a solution. So, next time you are planning a getaway with your family, do not frown when you think about how hard it will be for you and your infant. Plan and follow these tips, and you will enjoy your trip.

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