The Honest One

Being a mother is hard and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It’s not always gurgles and giggles like the Instagram pictures portray. It is tiring, it is stressful and can often be frustrating.

It’s the hardest job in the world yet so many of us are up for the challenge.

We carry a huge lump around with us for nine months – unless you were lucky enough to have a cute little petite bump, I was not – during this process having strangers tell you how big you are, touching your tummy and telling you how much they are determined of the sex because of the way you are carrying.

We go through the grave pain of labour and pushing the little mite out of our delicate little flower. To then find that we will continue to carry this lump around for many years, though now a little more wriggly, less controllable and a lot heavier.

Your trips to the shops become more stressful than before. Because now your baby wants feeding mid-shop whilst your other half is having a tantrum over the cost of the shopping because you just had to have that cute little set of baby grows, a couple more teethers and the most adorable woollen winter bobble hat you’d ever seen.

And the strangers are back, whenever you go anywhere baby in tow, they just cannot help but stick their heads as far into your sleeping babies’ pushchair as feasible saying ‘AWWWW’ in their highest possible decibel. You smile at them through gritted teeth, telling them how old they are and whether or not they are good whilst also imagining how you’d drop kick them should they stick their face in the pram again.

You spend days dreaming of the nights you used to sleep for hours. Those Sundays you didn’t roll out of bed until mid-afternoon and the Netflix series you could watch for days with no interruptions, that you now watch in 15-minute sessions whilst your baby naps. All of which are now distant memories.

Some days your baby has all organic foods prepared by yourself and you go to a mother and baby class followed by a long walk ensuring that your baby gets a good bout of fresh air and completely smash the ‘momming’ game!

Whilst other days, you slob in your PJs, feed your baby packaged foods and pop them in front of the TV for half an hour just so that you can enjoy a hot coffee in peace.

But is it all worth it? Hell yes!

Because when your little human laughs at you and when their eyes light up because they caught you smiling at them, the entirety of your insides feel warm and fuzzy and your heart just melts.

When they learn something new you feel so gratified that it’s almost overwhelming.

You then become that typical mum you pledged never to become and make all the phone calls possible, write a Facebook status and post picture evidence on Instagram so that everyone can see how clever your little one is. Even if it is just natural progression.

The good, winning at ‘momming’ days, completely and utterly outweigh the hard ones.

My baby has made me and completely stolen my heart, everything in my life now revolves around him and I simply wouldn’t have it any other way.


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